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    New Avatar Power



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    New Avatar Power

    Post by freeman on Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:07 pm

    This thread is regarding the: Miracle of the New Avatar Power by Geoff Cobb-Gray (Parket Publishing; 1975).

    This book, way back from 1975, though written like a Qabalistic version of How to Win Friends and Influence People has a reputation in the occult community as being highly effective. This isn’t much of a surprise when you realize Cobb-Gray’s “New Avatar Power” is streamlined Hermeticism of the sort found in Golden Dawn and its many derivatives. So while this book isn’t the “end-all-be-all” of magickal grimoires, it is effective, and I’d like to present how to use it here in this forum.

    What I like best is the simplicity of the rituals. If one desires to make them more complex, you can add whatever magickal trappings you like (colors, banishing rituals, tools, incense, symbols, Entheogens), but NAP works all by itself and is probably the easiest introduction I could ever give into Qabalistic (“High Magick”). So let’s jump right in.

    Step 1:

    Write down the date/time and the ritual you are going to perform in your journal. (If you don’t have a journal, start one just for magick. This step is important. Don’t skip on keeping track of ALL your rituals!)

    Step 2:


    Quietly read the following words aloud, listening to what you are saying. Read slowly and carefully, pausing between sentences, and stopping for about three seconds wherever you find three periods (...) in the text. It should take you a full four minutes to read the words aloud from beginning to end. You may record this on your computer and play it back for yourself instead of reading it each time. The point is to completely relax and feel good for a few minutes.

    "I am beginning the New Avatar Power Ritual. I call on the Inner Planes to witness. I state my purpose thus: ANKAR YOD HAY VAW HAY.

    I begin to wind down, to let go and be rid of all the tensions of my body. To let my muscles relax, unwind and let go.

    The tensions are beginning to drain from my body. Soon, a gradual heaviness will start to weigh down my thighs, my arms, my hands, my feet, my legs, my body.

    My muscles unwind and let go. All my muscles are relaxing, unwinding, and relaxing.

    Very soon I shall feel the winding, the letting go. Unwinding and letting go. Unwinding, letting go. Unwinding. Letting Go.

    Deeper and deeper...letting go...unwinding and letting go.

    The tensions drain from my muscles and they will soon become loose, letting go, relaxing and unwinding.

    Breathing easily and deeply. Easily and deeply.

    Unwinding and letting go...drifting into the peace and serenity of complete relaxation. And as my body unwinds and relaxes so I enter the peace and quiet, where only these words have meaning, and nothing else disturbs me.

    Letting go..unwinding...letting go...unwinding...relax...relax...relax...let go...let go...let go...relax...relax...relax...let go...let go...let go.

    I call on Thee, Mighty Arzel, who stands in the East, to assist me this and all my ventures. I know now that New Avatar Power is flooding to the surface. I now close my eyes gently."

    Allow 5 minutes for the New Avatar Power to flood to the surface on its own as you relax.

    Step 3:

    After reading the New Avatar Power Ritual then read ONE of the following depending on your goal:

    Invocation for Money

    "In the Power of the Names EH-HEH-YEH, YEH-HO-VO-EL-OH-HEEM, & YEH-HO-

    VO-AH-VAY-DAH-AHS I place this Invocation with Thee, NEE-TEE-KAH,

    Genius of Wealth. Know that I require and command Thee to bring me

    gold. Thou has dominion over wealth and Thou shalt begin this very

    instant to shape the future such that money shall come to me, enough

    and to spare, by the powers of these Words

    and Invocation. Be Thou ruled by me the Names SHAH-DYE-ELL-KYE &

    AH-DOE-NYE-HA-AH-RETZ. So mote it be."

    Invocation to Bring Success

    "In all my undertakings henceforward I conjure and command Thee,

    mighty ELL-YOU-BAIT-ELL, to protect me, bear me up and carry me

    forward to the pinnacle of success. Thou shalt give me clarity of

    mind to confound my opposers; Thou shalt bend the Laws of the Cosmos

    to my and Thy will, bringing each and every one of my desires to

    pass. I shall be enwrapped in Thy faultless Powers, and tread ever

    higher to that glittering peak which I covet. Hear this, and obey me:

    AH-NAH-FAX-EE-TONE which Aaron heard and spoke. Thou shalt guide me

    to success. So mote it be."

    Invocation to Win A Legal Action

    "Mighty EYE-EEL-AH-HE-YAH who holds sway over the decisions of men,

    Thou shald bring Thy power to bear on my behalf in the legal action

    which is pending. I command that I shall be successful in this, my

    hour of need. Thou hast the ability to aid me in achieving this

    desire. Hear the Word and be obedient to It and me: NAB-RAT-AGLA-SURE-

    AN-AT. So mote it be."

    Invocation For Protection from Evil

    "I invoke Thee, GAH-DEE-ELL, in Thy power and wisdom to place around

    me a shield against which evil shall be powerless. Those who would

    harm me shall be powerless, and their evil shall return to them a

    thousandfold. Be Thou ready and able to place this protection, as I

    seal it with Thee with the Words: EE-YOTE-EEYAH-VAW-ARE-ZALL. I am

    within Thy protection now and my enemies cannot harm me. So mote it


    Invocation To Excite Love

    "Hear me, AH-NAY-ELL & JAHZ-AIR, Thou spirits of Venus and love. I

    desire to excite love and passion in the heart of a suitable

    partner. Stretch forth Thine hands and pluck the heart strings such

    that my desire is returned a hundredfold. I conjure this command

    thus: HOR-TA-ELL-RACK-AH-MAY. So mote it be."

    Invocation To Rekindle A Mate's Interest

    "I invoke Thee, PA-GEE-ELL, to light a flame in the heart of my mate -

    a flame that will burn ever higher, so that s/he turns to me in

    fervor and in love, blind to my faults, and desiring only to please

    me in whatever way s/he can. I command that our companionship shall

    become perfect, each fulfilling every need and deisre for the other.

    I also demand that any shortcomings, be they physical or mental, be

    swept aside such athat our partnership shall be perfect. Hear this

    Word of Power, Thou Pagiel and obey me: VEDGE-EED-OR-AH-MEET-EYE. So

    mote it be."

    Invocation to Give Secret Knowledge

    "Titanic KAH-DREE-ELL, I invoke Thee. I require Thee to transform me

    to one who can know things that are hidden from others. I desire to

    know what will befall the future. I wish to know the thoughts of

    others. I demand insight into the comings and goings of my fellow

    creatures. All this shalt Thou do for me, placing the knowledge

    within my mind during both waking and sleeping. I seal this command

    thus: EE-BAN-HER-EE-ON-AH-DOH-NYE. So mote it be."

    Invocation To Give Power Over Others

    "Mightiest DYE-NAH-MISS! There are those over whom I would have

    ultimate power so tha they obey my every word and thought. Bring Thy

    mystic energy to bear on me, such that I radiate your power. Impress

    those that I command to bend to my will at all times. I command Thee

    with the Words: AH-GAH-LAH-OH-TEEMEE-TYE. So mote it be."

    Invocation to Bring Health

    "I call Thee ZO-ROE-ELL & SAH-BREE-ELL who hath dominion over

    physical and mental health. At my command, banish from (me or name of

    party) all diseases, discomfort, sickness and malfunction of body and

    mind. Send down Thy beneficial healing rays, for Thou art able to

    bring this to pass. During each passing hour Your powers will bring

    youthfulness and freedom from pain. I seal this command with the

    healing words EEM-AHN-YOU-ELL which Shadrach, Meshach and Abednago

    sang in the fiery furnace and were delivered. Thus shall Your powers

    dispel this sickness and disease. So mote it be."

    General Purpose Invocation

    "In the Powers vested in Thee, EE-AH-OAT, PATE-AH-YAH, and OH-PEA-

    ELL, I command Thine aid. Bring Thy influences to bear on my affairs.

    My desire is ______ . Thou has heard, and in the Name of VEE-NOKE-OH-TEE-

    SEE-AWN, Thou shalt fulfill my will in all things which seem good

    unto me. So mote it be."

    Step 4:

    Write down any final thoughts/feelings in your journal. You are done for the day.

    Step 5:

    Repeat these steps ONCE a day, EVERYDAY, at the same time each day. Do this until your result manifests or you realize you don’t want the result anymore. You will definitely get some sort of result. Most people jiggle lose results close to what they want within hours or days. Sometimes you get something similar but isn’t quite what you wanted. You can decide if the manifestation was close enough, or if you need to keep repeating the ritual. If this is a difficult goal, you may have to repeat the ritual dozens of times of the course of weeks.

    If you have any questions post in this thread. I will answer questions regarding this blog and how to get started into New Avatar Power and magick in general.

    Also note that these instructions are deceptively simple. Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it! If you’ve tried it with sincerity then post here and tell me how “this crap didn’t work” but NOT until you’ve tried!

    A supercharged routine for using your NAP (for you not to rush through):
    0. Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
    1. NAP Power Ritual (Relaxation + Arzel after MP rite)
    2. Middle Pillar + Fountain
    3. NAP Abridged Bornless One Invocation (x3)
    4. Do the NAP defensive armor ritual (x3)
    5. Dee-Hay-Thooth evocation (x3) (research Thoth first and see pics + instructions below).
    5a. Perform something from curse section
    6. Thank spirits for coming, and formally release them to do that which you have just charged them with.
    7. Burn some Frankincense for around 30
    minutes in honor of the spirits you've called. Make sure to pay the spirits when they've done their task successfully as stated to them that you would.

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