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    Finding Your Nativity Spirit



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    Finding Your Nativity Spirit

    Post by freeman on Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:11 pm

    Finding Your Nativity Spirit

    Before reading further, those who are of scholarly persuasion should note that in this blog post I will not describe ways of acquiring this name via drawing it all out by hand, as is the traditional method. I am going to explain instead how those methods can be simplified with the help of modern tools available online. I will also, at the end, provide links to several other articles and posts where the traditional method is explained in more depth. This particular post is instead for those who, like me, do not yet have extensive knowledge of astrology and simply want the name of their guardian angel.

    The Nature of The Nativity Spirit

    My first exposure to the idea of the Nativity Spirit was in Rufus Opus’ Seven Spheres, when he compares the “Genius Spirit” of the natal chart to the HGA of Abramelin and Crowley and the Supernatural Assistant of the PGM. Not too long ago, however, Teliesin McKnight posted an excellent video titled Finding Your Nativity Angel while discussion was occurring about this on an internet forum I belong to. Inspired by omens of synchronicity, I decided to start working on this myself. While delving into the subject deeper, I’ve heard a wide variety of thoughts on what the Nativity Spirit actually is. Some seem to believe that it is nothing more than a self-created servitor, while others seem to believe that it is the Holy Guardian Angel of Abramelin and Crowley. For myself, I have formed my own opinion based on my personal experiences thus far, and on what Agrippa himself stated in Chapter 22 of Book 3: Read Here.
    In short, there are three guardian spirits. The first is the one that is Holy, which is above the influence of the stars and given by the Macrocosm to watch over our soul itself. Agrippa even specifically states that it is through purification and peaceful living that this Holy spirit is perceived, and those are precisely the conditions set by the Abramelin Operation and similar workings. The second is the Natal spirit, assigned to the individual at birth according to the positions of the stars and planets at that time. This is why we can divine the name of the Natal spirit through our astrological Natal Chart. Third is the spirit of the Profession, which is also assigned by the stars, except this spirit changes as your careers change.
    Essentially, the first spirit as the HGA is in charge of our spiritual evolution, the Natal spirit is in charge of us learning the lessons we need to learn in this life and dealing with day to day protection, and the spirit of your career is in charge of helping you with your professional work. When your Natal Spirit and Career Spirit are well matched, well, as Agrippa himself put it: “our life is made more peaceable, happy, and prosperous.”
    Here it should also be noted that, parallel to the “angelic” Natal Spirit that this post is focused on, there is also a “demonic” Spirit that can be derived from the Natal Chart using slightly different methods. As the positive spirit brings health and good fortune to your life, it is likewise the job of the negative spirit to bring disease and misfortune into your life. This post isn’t about finding the name of this spirit, but if you go to the effort of finding the name of your personal cacodaemon through the methods available, then I will second the opinion Teliesin gave in his video and say that the best thing to do with it is Bind it. If you want more disease and misfortune in your life, that’s on you, but most people would rather bind the spirit in charge of causing such things so that less of it happens.

    Finding the Name

    I am going to try to make this as simple as I can with online resources. Those with more time and more interest can dig deeper into the traditional methods to see what you get that way. Comments from more experienced astrologers are welcome, as I am certainly a novice in this field, and simply sharing what worked for me.
    Now, you need to find five things in your natal chart to find the name with the traditional Hylegian method: on the day and time of your birth, you need the position of the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant, and you need to calculate the Part of Fortune using these three things. Then you need to find your syzygy, which is the full or new moon that happened right before you were born. These five astrological positions will, with a little chart work, give you five Hebrew letters that shall form a workable name of your Natal Spirit.
    First, go to some basic free natal chart online. This one is decent, so just put in the information (the time and place of birth being most important), and the first three things it gives you in the results are the location of your Ascendant (“Rising Sign”), your Sun, and your Moon. Write these down, and this is already three of the things you need.
    Next, READ THIS CAREFULLY, or the first part at least, as it will explain how to calculate your Part of Fortune. Note that there are different formulas if you are born at night time or day time, and this is important. Once you have the number from the calculation, just look at the zodiac and that degree is your Part of Fortune. If this is confusing at first, remember that each of the 12 Zodiac has 30 degrees, and 1 Aries is the 1st. In the example they calculate in that article, they get the result 123. If you look at the full zodiac, the 123rd degree of all 360 degrees is the 3rd Degree of Leo, so that person’s Part of Fortune is 3 Leo. Remember, 30 degrees for each sign. 120 gets you to Leo, then you just go 3 in and the end result is 3 Leo. See? Just simple numbers. Basic math. Easy to do. Write it down when you find the position of this Part in your own natal chart.
    Then, the Syzygy. Google the calendar for the month that you were born, and look at when the closest new or full moon was to your birthday. It can be either one, you just need whichever happened most recently, right before your birthday. Once you know the date of this full or new moon, go to Planet Watcher and input the date for your Syzygy. On that days chart, just look and see what the position of the moon is. Look for the little crescent symbol, and see which number and zodiac symbol is next to it. This, the position of the full or new moon that happened right before your birthday, is your Syzygy. Write down the position, and now you have all five Hylegians.
    Lastly, go and look at THIS AWESOME CHART. Seriously, it’s great, and will save you the effort of doing the more complex assignment Agrippa prescribes. Here, now that you have all five Hylegian positions, just look at the chart and see which letter they fall under. Write the letter next to each of your previous notes, and that’s it.
    Add El or Iah to the end of the five letters, and now you have the name of your Nativity Spirit. If you can’t pronounce it as a word because you don’t know Hebrew, that’s fine. Just writing it in the Hebrew Letters makes a potent talisman that can help you form a link to this spirit, making it much easier to contact. I’ll make another post in the future on how to do that, and other things, to help establish contact. You can do all kinds of things with it now, but remember, do not share this info with anyone. This is one of those times where the Law of Silence is something serious. You know how you can bind your evil natal spirit when you go learn its name? Your enemies can also bind this good spirit if they learn of it, keeping it from doing its job of helping you in life. Anything highly personal like this should always be kept secret and safe by the magician, if only to show Providence that you hold such information sacred and important.
    So, that’s it. I’m not sure how it could be explained any simpler than that. Indeed, that’s probably too simple, as it doesn’t really let you understand much about the process and just gets you through it. Still, if the name is all you’re after, this should get you going.
    Also, again, if more experienced astrologers think I have made mistakes, constructive criticism is welcome.  I’ll be the first to admit that astrology isn’t my forte, and it took me many hours to figure out just this much.

    Other Resources

    For those who want to dig in and learn more about the process that Agrippa and Taliesin described as well as where it comes from, here are some resources for you:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (the first part describes how to calculate the Part which was useful above, but the rest of this goes deep into explaining the Part of Fortune and related things)
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Those who don’t want to do all this work and have some spare money can go see Christopher Warnock at Renaissance Astrology. $199 and he’ll not only do a full natal reading for you (which will look like this), but he’ll do the angel name for you too. If you just want a spiritual reading with the angel name, you can go here and get it for about $70.
    Learning more about astrology in general and what all of this means on a deeper level, that I can’t help you with at the moment. Astrology is one of my weaknesses, though I am working on learning more. Some of the websites I linked to above, such as Medieval Astrology Guide and Chris Warnock’s site, have other sections that explain more about certain things. There are also plenty of other resources on classical astrology around the internet, and books available on the topic like Agrippa and The Picatrix, among others. This is one of those subjects that you just have to dig into and study deeply to understand. There is no royal road here, or if there is, I certainly haven’t found it!
    Hopefully all of this helps in your own Work.

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